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Tools & Strategies

I like to focus on, what's possible.

Business Process Audit

A 2-hour deep dive into your business to find opportunities for task cutting and automation.

CRM Optimization

Setting you up on an optimized CRM platform or helping you optimize your current system.

WordPress Salesite

Turning your new or existing website into a sales machine.

Automation Strategy

Creating a Systems Master Plan for automating your laborious tasks.

WordPress Websites

If you like this website, we can build one like it for your business.

Finding Your Business Why

Mindset is huge, and I'm really interested in talking about it..

For many years, I spent more of my time crawling from admin task to admin task and not enough time on the critical path that would grow my business..

If you can relate, think about this…

Have you ever found yourself avoiding business development because part of you is afraid of not being able to manage the phone calls and emails coming in that would require an immediate reply (and which you're not prepared to take advantage of). Seems kind of silly right?

If you're even close to feeling this way, I highly recommend you take the time to think about what you are actually doing for your business, day in and day out. Ask yourself if you've been spending more of your time “just keeping the mess clean”, or  if you've actually spent time on tasks that are putting money into your Operating Account.

Once you start to think about this critically and maybe realize you're on the former end of this list, I would like to offer to help you figure out how to automate most of these tasks that have been weighing you and your team down so you can spend the rest of your time being with and speaking to your customers.

Setup a call and let's get you started.

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Steven Fage
Founder, SaasTutor

What working together looks like

Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day; teach someone to fish and you feed them for a lifetime.”

Teach You

2 Hour Deep Dive
$ 500
one time
  • 1 Business Audit
  • 2 Hour Deep Dive Zoom
  • Review the Current State of your business
  • Develop and Present a Systems Master Plan

Fish With You

Assisted Implementation
$ 400
Per Month
  • Requires a Systems Master Plan
  • 3 Month Minimum Engagement
  • 1-hour Weekly Checkins (zoom)
  • Guided Implementation

Fish For You

Custom Proposal
$ <>
it depends
  • Requires a Systems Master Plan
  • Custom Plan to fit your needs
  • Turnkey Implementation
  • I do the work for you

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There are many questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Software as a service (SaaS /sæs/[1]) is a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted. It is sometimes referred to as “on-demand software”, and was formerly referred to as “software plus services” by Microsoft.[2]

SaaS applications are also known as Web-based software, on-demand software and hosted software.[3] The term “software as a service” (SaaS) is considered to be part of the nomenclature of cloud computing, along with infrastructure as a service (IaaS), platform as a service (PaaS), desktop as a service (DaaS),[4] managed software as a service (MSaaS), mobile backend as a service (MBaaS), and information technology management as a service (ITMaaS).


SaasTutor will help you make sense of all these online tools and how to implement them to the max both on cost and flexibility to better manage and grow your business, and bonus, your free time and sanity.

More and more Saas tools are being built with non coders in mind and are more user friendly. So lucky for the non-coders, you can still play.

Short answer, it depends.

Long answer; we will definietely take a look at what you are currently using. If you're on a hosted site like WIX or Squarespace, it may limit what we can do. Long term flexability as well as cost is always something to consider when choosing any kind of digital service from websites to email marketing.


Business process automation (BPA), also known as business automation or digital transformation,[1] is the technology-enabled automation of complex[2] business processes. It can streamline a business for simplicity, achieve digital transformation, increase service quality, improve service delivery or contain costs. It consists of integrating applications, restructuring labor resources and using software applications throughout the organization.


Use software and smart processes to do less work, make less mistakes and scale your company.

While the need for coding has dropped drastically, the need for thinking and planning on a systems wide level and managing all of the data through the integration of different business systems has become more complicated.

Working with someone like SaasTutor who can help you plan and design a system that will work and then be easy for you to manage once it has all been put together.

Yes, a “Fish for You” service is provided in the case you do not have the time or the technical skills to implement the Systems Master Plan.

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